The name One Moment came about because I want to make sure through my photography, I captured these special moments for my clients. From a groom seeing his bride for the first time, to the first kiss. Capturing the love and happiness at that moment with their family and friends, when there is nothing else to worry about at that time.

My name is is Laura, and I’m here to capture these moments for you.

I remember my first camera that my dad bought me - I was 7 years old and were getting ready to go on holiday. It was a little 35mm film camera.

Since the age of 7, I have never been without some sort of camera. Today my equipment has grown - with today’s technology I use my iPhone for day to day capturing of my life and then have my Nikon for everything else.

I have a degree in photography from the university of Sunderland, and I find for every time I pick up my camera I learn more and more. The things you can learn are never ending.

As a person I am very down to earth and willing to try anything. If you have any ideas for your day, let’s try it.

I always like to meet my clients before a shoot as you are trusting me to capture this time and those moments and in order to fulfil this, I find it so much easier to meet and make sure that we all have the same understanding and goals of the events.

I am lucky as lot of my brides and grooms have become my friends. Going through the days together has created a wonderful bond which has lead me to be asked back by their friends and family’s to capture other weddings and even bump and baby moments. I have bridesmaids and groomsmen ask me back to capture their own special days, when they became the bride and groom. 

I am lucky to have a 9-5 job in a very different industry, I am a Marketing Executive by day for a Financial Firm. I find this balances me out, I love figures and reports but I am also very creative.

Because of this I don’t need to book shoots in. I do events and wedding photography because I love it. I love the entire experience of the days and then the joy on my clients faces when I get to show them their photos is the biggest rush in the world. Because of this I am selective of my clients and choose to work with them because I want to - not because I need to pay the bills.

In my down time you will often find me in the company of my partner, my family, my friends and my black Labrador Fin.

So have a look around my site, and if you have any questions please get in contact.